Is your hot water system on its way out?

Is your hot water system on its way out?

For most people, hot water systems are not something that they think about regularly, if at all. In fact, most people will buy a new hot water system and then quickly forget that it even exists. That is, until the morning where they wake up to a freezing cold shower. Consider whether or not you need to replace your hot water system now to ensure that you have running hot water all year long.

Some signs that your hot water system probably needs replacing:

• The pilot light goes out frequently

• The water is muddy and includes sediment

• There is no power to your hot water system

• The hot water has a strange smell and or taste

• The water from the tap is coming out a rusty brown colour

• There is water pooling around the base or top of the system. In this case, your system should be turned off straight away. 

• Is your hot water system making strange sounds? Some noise from the water heating up is normal, however, if you are noticing cracking or popping noises these should be checked by an experienced tradesman.

How can we help?

Whether your hot water heater is meeting a slow demise or needs to be replaced quickly, the professionals at Rapid Hot Water can help you. With decades of experience, our experienced tradesmen can replace your hot water heater in no time. 

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