Rheem Stellar Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Rheem Stellar Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Enjoy instant hot water with the economy of gas. Mains pressure gas storage water heaters deliver hot water instantly by storing it hot and ready. Choose from our range to suit your family size and hot water needs.

  • Rheem 130L Stellar® 330 Gas Storage Hot Water System

    Rheem 130L Stellar® 330 Gas Storage Hot Water System


    5 Star energy efficiency 200L/hour hot water recovery to get you back in hot water fast Mains pressure to power many taps at once 10-year cylinder ...

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  • Rheem 160L Stellar® 360 Gas Storage Hot Water System

    Rheem 160L Stellar® 360 Gas Storage Hot Water System


    5 Star gas energy efficiency helps save on gas bills A Premium 5 Star energy-efficient water heater, to help save money Replaces hot water as it's ...

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Rheem Stellar Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Rheem has been a leading hot water system manufacturer in Australia since 1939. The Rheem Stellar range of gas hot water systems includes energy-efficient hot water solutions for any size home. Enjoy fast hot water replacement and 10-year cylinder manufacturer’s warranty with a Rheem Stellar gas storage hot water system.

The benefits of choosing Rheem Stellar for your home’s hot water needs

There are several advantages to choosing Rheem for your hot water system.

  • Rheem Stellar hot water tanks are heated with either natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). They’re more affordable to run than electric hot water systems as gas tends to be cheaper than electricity in Australia.
  • Both the 130L and 160L Rheem Stellar systems are energy-efficient, which can help you save even more money on your energy bills while reducing your household’s carbon footprint. With Rheem, you know you’re relying on one of the most energy-efficient hot water systems on the market with a premium 5-star energy rating.
  • You’ll experience fast hot water replacement with no fluctuations in water pressure even if your family takes showers in different bathrooms at the same time.

To learn more about Rheem hot water systems, call 1 300 205 539 today.

Which size Rheem water tank should I purchase?

At Rapid Hot Water, we offer the complete range of Rheem Stellar Gas Storage Hot Water Systems so you can get the right size for your family’s hot water needs. For a small household of two to five people, the Rheem 130L Stellar 330 gas hot water cylinder will offer plenty of hot water. For larger families of three to six people, the Rheem 160 L Stellar 360 Gas Storage Hot Water System will supply your household with all the hot water you need. 

How does the price for a Rheem gas hot water system compare to other systems?

Rheem Stellar hot water systems are a great value considering the energy efficiency, longevity, and how capable they are at delivering hot water to multiple faucets in a household quickly. However, gas storage hot water systems tend to be a larger upfront investment when compared to electric hot water systems in general.

What other types of hot water systems does Rheem produce?

If you love Rheem, you’re not alone – in Sydney, a lot of households have a Rheem hot water system. In addition to the gas storage systems, Rheem also manufactures continuous flow gas hot water systems, electric storage hot water systems, stainless steel electric storage systems, and hot water heat pumps.

Find the best water heater for your home from Rheem

At Rapid Hot Water, we carry all types of Rheem water heaters, as well as high-quality systems made by other leading brands in Australia. Browse our selection of budget-friendly and energy-efficient hot water systems or call us on 1 300 205 539 with any questions. Our experienced technicians will also be happy to install your new hot water system in your NSW home, contact us today.