Hot Water Hills District

When you're looking to upgrade the hot water system in your Hills District home, get in touch with the experienced hot water installation professionals at Rapid Hot Water. Rapid Hot Water contractors have served Australian homeowners for decades, helping residents with minor hot water maintenance issues and major hot water system installation projects alike. Rapid Hot Water installs modern energy-efficient systems from industry stalwarts, including Aquamax, Rheem, EvoHeat and Rinnai, and has hot water specialists available 24 hours a day to keep residential hot water systems humming along.

Why Do I Need a New Hot Water System?

When you notice that the water in your shower or sink is taking significantly longer than usual to heat up, isn't getting as hot, isn't getting hot at all or is producing water that's significantly hotter than usual, it's often the sign of a failing hot water system. In some cases, the problem can be solved by simple replacement of a part or two, but other issues can require significant hot water repairs or even a complete hot water system replacement. Contact a Rapid Hot Water contractor to get an estimate on the hot water services your Hills District home needs.

Do I Need Repair or Replacement?

The upfront costs of replacing your hot water system are usually considerably higher than those of simply repairing your existing system. However, those upfront costs can often be offset by the long-term savings you can realise by investing in a more energy-efficient model or moving to a different power source. As an added bonus, upgrading your hot water system can boost your home's resale value when it's time to put it on the market.

What Kind of Hot Water System Should I Get?

The best hot water system for your home depends on your available installation space, living situation and budget. Systems generally fall into one of four categories.

  • Electric systems, which are the most common, use electricity to heat water and holding tanks to store it. While these systems are usually the least expensive to install, they have the highest costs of long-term operation, they're relatively slow to heat more water when the tank is emptied, and they can't do their job during a power outage.
  • Heat-pump based systems use significantly less electricity, which means a lower cost of operation over the long term. However, they cost more upfront than basic electric systems.
  • Gas-powered systems don't use electricity, so they work normally during power outages and can also heat up water faster than electric systems. They're not well suited to cramped quarters, though, so your home's layout is an important factor in whether this kind of system is right for you.
  • High-tech solar-powered systems have the highest upfront costs and the most significant installation requirements, as you need unobstructed roof space to place the panels. The benefits are environmentally friendly green energy and a very low cost of operation over time.

When you're ready to tackle a hot water system installation project in your Hills District home, give Rapid Hot Water a call on 1300 205 539.