Hot Water South West Sydney

Rapid Hot Water in South West Sydney

When you notice issues with your home's hot water supply in South West Sydney, give the hot water specialists at Rapid Hot Water a call. Rapid Hot Water has been serving Australian homes for decades, providing hot water services and hot water system installation of top-quality brands, such as Rheem, EvoHeat and Aquamax. Whether you need hot water maintenance, hot water repairs or a complete hot water system replacement, the hot water contractors at Rapid Hot Water can help make sure your home's water systems are in full working order.

When Is It Time to Replace My Hot Water System in South West Sydney?

If you're finding that your hot water system isn't running as hot as it once did, or isn't heating your water up at all, it's time to look into repairs or replacement. The first step is to get a Rapid Hot Water specialist on-site to take a look at your hot water system.

Generally speaking, a new hot water system installation is more expensive upfront than maintenance or repairs on the system you already have, but updating an old hot water system with a newer, more energy-efficient one can be a money-saving decision over time.

What Types of Hot Water Systems Are Available?

There are four main categories of hot water systems: electric, heat pump, gas and solar.

Electric-based systems heat your water and store it in a holding tank for later use. These systems generally have the lowest setup costs, but they also take up a fair amount of space. Additionally, it takes them a while to heat up more hot water once you've exhausted the stored supply, and they don't work at all during a power outage. They also have the highest operating costs over the long term.

Heat pump-based systems are considerably more energy-efficient than electric models and can save you money due to their lower cost of operation. On the downside, heat pump systems generally cost more to install.

Gas-powered hot water systems heat water about twice as fast as other systems. They also don't need electricity to function, so you won't be out of luck during a power outage. However, the upfront costs of gas-powered systems are higher than those of electric and heat pump systems, and these systems can take up as much space as electric models.

Solar-powered hot water systems come with the highest installation costs but have the lowest cost of continued operation. Solar panels need a fair amount of roof space but provide very environmentally friendly power.

How Big Does My Hot Water Tank Need to Be?

You can estimate the size of the tank you need by the number of people in your home. A 400-litre tank is a good size for a family of six, but if you're living alone you can go as low as 50 litres. If space is at a premium, talk to Rapid Hot Water about whether your home can support a gas continuous-flow system, which heats up your water at the time of use and takes up much less space than traditional systems.

Call 1300 205 539 to speak to a Rapid Hot Water specialist about the range of hot water system options for homes in South West Sydney.