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Rapid Hot Water in Western Sydney

If you're in Western Sydney and need hot water services, it's time to contact the specialists at Rapid Hot Water. With same-day service, decades of expertise and clear pricing from respected brands such as Aquamax, Dux, EvoHeat, Rheem and Rinnai, Rapid Hot Water provides maintenance, repair and hot water system replacement services to Western Sydney and the outlying areas.

When Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Hot Water System in Western Sydney?

People usually notice a problem with a hot water system when it starts failing to adequately heat bath or shower water, but the problem can go the other way as well: A faulty thermostat might heat water to dangerously hot levels. Give Rapid Hot Water a call to discuss any temperature issues you're experiencing and determine whether hot water repairs or a replacement is right for your Western Sydney home.

While a hot water system installation usually entails a higher upfront cost than repairing an existing system, opting for a modern replacement may save you money in the long term by reducing your energy costs.

What Type of Hot Water System Do I Need?

Electric, heat pump, gas and solar hot water systems all have their unique benefits. The best system for your needs depends on your household size, available installation area and budget.

Electric storage systems are the most common in Western Sydney homes. These systems use electric power to heat up cold water, and store it in a tank until you use it. They have comparatively low setup costs but can take up considerable space. Once they run out of hot water, it takes some time to heat up more. They also don't operate at all if the power goes out, and they have the highest long-term operating costs.

Heat pump-based systems use much less power than traditional electric storage systems, which translates into lower operating costs over the long-term; However, you can expect to pay more for the initial installation.

Gas-powered systems have a number of advantages over electric, the primary one being that they heat water twice as quickly — particularly useful in shared households — and can still heat water when the power's out. On the downside, they're more expensive to install and aren't well suited to tight, enclosed locations.

Solar hot water systems are usually the most expensive to install, and you need enough roof space to accommodate the panels. Once they're up and running, though, they provide inexpensive and extremely environmentally friendly operation.

What Kind of Hot Water Tank Does My Western Sydney Home Need?

Generally, the more people in your household, the larger the tank you need. A single person might be able to get by with a 50-litre electric-storage tank, but six people require a 400-litre tank or even larger. If you want to save as much space as possible, ask Rapid Hot Water's staff about gas continuous-flow systems. These systems heat up water at the time you need it, which means there's no need for a hefty storage tank; a 32-litre tank can often handle the needs of six or more people.

Get in touch with the hot water contractors at Rapid Hot Water on 1300 205 539 to work out which kind of system is the best fit for your Western Sydney home.